Actos Side Effects

The FDA has notified the public that extended use of the diabetes medication Actos may cause an increased risk of bladder cancer. Information about this risk has been added to the Warnings and Precautions section of the Actos label. The patient Medication Guide has also been revised to include information about the danger.

The following can be warning signs of bladder cancer, according to the FDA:


  • Blood or red color in urine
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Pain while urinating
  • Pain in back or lower abdomen.

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Side Effects of Actos

Regulators in France and Germany have already suspended or curtailed the use of Actos in their countries. Many in the U.S. are urging a recall as well.

The FDA has advised patients taking Actos for diabetes as follows:

  • There may be an increased chance of having bladder cancer when you take Actos.
  • You should not take Actos if you are receiving treatment for bladder cancer.
  • Tell your doctor right away if you have any of the following symptoms of bladder cancer: blood or red color in urine; urgent need to urinate or pain while urinating; pain in back or lower abdomen.
  • Read the Medication Guide you get along with your Actos medicine. It explains the risks associated with the use of Actos.
  • Talk to your healthcare professional if you have questions or concerns about Actos medicines.

Healthcare professionals have been advised by the FDA:

  • Do not use Actos in patients with active bladder cancer.
  • Use Actos with caution in patients with a prior history of bladder cancer. The benefits of glycemic control versus unknown risks for cancer recurrence with Actos should be considered in patients with a prior history of bladder cancer.
  • Counsel patients to report any signs or symptoms of blood in the urine, urinary urgency, pain on urination, or back or abdominal pain, as these may be due to bladder cancer.
  • Encourage patients to read the Medication Guide they get with their Actos medicine.
  • Report adverse events involving Actos medicines to the FDA MedWatch program.

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