Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson is an attorney at the Driscoll Firm, LLC, where he represents individuals in medical malpractice, class action, wrongful death, environmental and personal injury lawsuits.

Sam began his legal career by working at a large law firm.  At the large law firm, Sam defended Fortune 500, midsize and small companies against product liability, personal injury, premises liability and antitrust lawsuits.  Defending companies for eight years, Sam learned litigation skills to represent individuals in lawsuits against some of the largest corporations.

Sam began representing individuals when he opened his own firm. In private practice, he worked on several notable cases. In 2009, Sam worked on a team to overturn the wrongful conviction of an innocent man who spent 10 years in prison.  In 2014, Sam represented a man who was wrongfully arrested for a robbery that he did not commit.  He successfully got the robbery case dismissed, and the prosecutor’s office issued a public apology to the client.  In 2015, Sam took a personal injury case to trial and received a judgment in the amount of $600,000 for his injured client. For his clients, Sam tries to make their lives better through his legal advocacy.

Sam was featured in St. Louis American Newspaper, where the above cases and other cases he worked on were discussed.  He is a legal advocate for his clients.  Sam advocates for individuals that have been wronged by system.  He is a former staff attorney at Arch City Defenders, which is a nonprofit civil rights law firm.  He represented clients in hundreds of cases to avoid eviction, homelessness, and the inevitable downward spiral that often follows client interactions with police and municipal courts. Sam also represented clients in police misconduct cases to protect their civil rights and to hold police departments accountable.

Sam is a former police officer for the City of St. Louis.  He is also a former prosecutor for the City of Black Jack, a St. Louis County municipality. Today, Sam is a member of the Missouri and Illinois Bars.  He is a current board member on the Missouri Equal Housing Opportunity Council, an organization that promotes fair housing.  He volunteers for the Habitat for Humanity and Missouri Public Defender’s Office.  He resides in St. Louis County with his family.

Benefactor of Public Justice