Actos Bladder Cancer Victim: “I Only Took This Drug for Two Years!”

Takeda Pharmaceutical’s Type 2 diabetes drug Actos (pioglitazone) has been linked to bladder cancer in patients who were treated with the drug over the course of several years. However, the latest Actos bladder cancer victim says that he took Actos for only two years before being diagnosed with bladder cancer. He joins hundreds of others who are suing Takeda for failing to warn consumers about risks that many believe the company knew about years ago.

Bladder Cancer Diagnosis Unthinkable

The latest Actos bladder cancer lawsuit filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals alleges that a South Dakota man developed bladder cancer after taking Actos for only two years. According to NewsInferno, the man started taking Actos in 2009 to control his diabetes and was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2011. His product liability lawsuit alleges that although Takeda knew that Actos use increased the risk of developing bladder cancer, the company failed to warn him, his doctors and other consumers. While developing cancer after taking a drug for only two years seems unthinkable, the sad truth is that the risk significantly increases after only one year.

FDA Warning Says Actos Use May Increase Bladder Cancer Risks After Only One Year

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration says that the risk of developing bladder cancer from taking Actos significantly increases after taking the drug for only one year. In 2011, the FDA required Takeda to warn consumers about this risk. Unfortunately, the warning came too late for the many victims who have been taking Actos since the FDA approved it in 1999.

The first Actos bladder cancer trial ended recently with an initial $6.5 million verdict for the plaintiff. Although a judge reversed that verdict due to testimony specific to that case, evidence was presented showing that Takeda knew about the potentially deadly Actos bladder cancer side effects. However, company executives chose profits from Actos sales over consumer safety.

If you or a loved one has developed bladder cancer after taking Actos, contact The Driscoll Firm, LLC, to discuss your situation, determine whether you or your family may be entitled to compensation and let our experienced product liability attorneys evaluate your legal options.

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