Things to Know about Nuvaring

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Following are 5 Things You Should Know About NuvaRing:

1. NuvaRing is the only product of its kind available in the United States.

NuvaRing is a flexible plastic ring that a woman inserts into her vagina. It releases a low dose of a progestin (called etonogestrel) and estrogen over a period of three weeks. These hormones suppress ovulation and prevent pregnancy.

When NuvaRing hit the U.S. market in 2002 it was advertised as a trendy and revolutionary breakthrough in female birth control. In advertisements aimed at the young adult market, women were urged to get off the pill and on the ring.

Millions of doctor’s prescriptions for NuvaRing are written each year. Profits have poured in for the manufacturer, Merck & Company.

At the same time, scientific studies are emerging that show NuvaRing causes an increased risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes.

2. NuvaRing should not be used by some women.

NuvaRing is not recommended for women who:

  • Have a history of blood clots, heart attack or stroke;
  • Have breast cancer;
  • Are pregnant or think they might be;
  • Are over 35 and smoke cigarettes;
  • Have severe headaches;
  • Have liver problems;
  • Have diabetes.

3. The hormones in NuvaRing have been scientifically linked to increased risks of serious side effects, including blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.

The FDA has released a study of more than 800,000 women, titled “Combined Hormonal Contraceptives and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Endpoints,” which found that drugs like NuvaRing dramatically increase the risk of severe blood clots.

In 2011, the British Medical Journal reported that women who use birth control products like NuvaRing face a six times higher risk of developing venous thromboembolism (VTE), a condition where blood clots form in the lower leg or thigh.

CBS News has reported that there have been as many as 40 NuvaRing deaths worldwide.

4. Women and their families who have been harmed by using NuvaRing have a right to take legal action to recover compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, disabling conditions, lost income, and wrongful death.

An estimated 1,000 NuvaRing lawsuits have already been filed in state and federal courts across the country. These lawsuits allege that the makers of NuvaRing minimized the risks of the product and misled consumers about its safety and effectiveness.

5. The Driscoll Firm, LLC, is currently accepting NuvaRing injury cases and NuvaRing death cases.

The drug injury lawyers at The Driscoll Firm, LLC, have resolved thousands of injury cases against drug companies and big corporations. We know how to track down responsible parties and deep pockets. We are members of the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. John J. Driscoll was the first lawyer in the country to obtain compensation for a YAZ birth control victim.

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