Pradaxa Side Effects

Pradaxa – Side Effects May Include Serious Bleeding

Pradaxa has been approved by the FDA as a blood thinner since October 2010. It is primarily prescribed for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. These individuals have an increased risk of developing blood clots that can cause strokes. As an anticoagulant, Pradaxa is intended to lower the chance of formation of blood clots.

Boehringer Ingelheim, which manufactures Pradaxa, has reported to the FDA that hundreds of patients have suffered severe internal bleeding and death while taking the drug. Bleeding that may lead to serious or even fatal outcomes is a well-recognized complication of all anticoagulant therapies. The FDA is continuing to investigate whether the reports of bleeding in patients taking Pradaxa are occurring more commonly than would be expected.

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Pradaxa Recommendations for Physicians

The FDA has advised physicians on Pradaxa as follows:

  • If you prescribe Pradaxa, carefully follow the approved indication and other recommendations, such as dosage and administration, in the professional drug label.
  • Make sure your patients know the signs and symptoms of bleeding and when to seek care.
  • Pradaxa is eliminated by the kidneys, therefore:
    • Renal function should be assessed prior to treatment with Pradaxa to determine the appropriate dose.
    • Renal function should be reassessed during treatment with Pradaxa if clinically indicated, and the dose should be adjusted following recommendations in the label.

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