NuvaRing User Diagnosed With CVST & Brain Hemorrhage Sues Manufacturer

A seven-year NuvaRing user claims that Organon BioScience’s vaginal contraceptive ring caused her to suffer a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) and an intracranial hemorrhage. She joins over a thousand other women who have filed NuvaRing injury lawsuits against the manufacturer.

Avoiding Pregnancy Results In Lifetime Of Medical Monitoring

According to a news report in the Pennsylvania Record, Wilma Romelien thought that using NuvaRing would help her to avoid pregnancy. That it did, but then her doctor diagnosed her with CVST and an intracranial hemorrhage – both associated with blood clots in the brain. Romelien is now on a daily regimen of Coumadin and forced to undergo medical treatment and monitoring for the rest of her life. She filed a product liability lawsuit against Organon and its parent company Schering-Plough (a part of Merck & Co.).

Plaintiff Says NuvaRing Not Safer Than The Pill

Romelien alleges that the manufacturers marketed, promoted and advertised that NuvaRing was equally as safe or more safe than oral contraceptive pills, although it was actually less safe than other birth control methods. She also claims that the companies:

  • Failed to warn prescribing physicians and the public that the product was associated with more thrombotic events than other methods of birth control;
  • Failed to provide proper and full information as to the safety of the product to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); and
  • Obtained permission to market NuvaRing by presenting safety data derived from studies on the pill, but failed to conduct clinical investigations with actual users of the product.

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