Former NuvaRing Users Warn Others Of Serious Side Effects

Former NuvaRing users continue to warn other women about their own experiences with Organon Pharmaceutical’s vaginal contraceptive ring, such as blood clots, severe mood changes, anxiety, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, pulmonary embolism and other NuvaRing side effects.

After an article in Marie Claire about the dangers of NuvaRing, former users posted their comments about the third-generation form of birth control. While some did not have any issue with the device, many more did. Here are some of those comments:

  • Jennifer A. – I used [NuvaRing] for about two weeks when I started having heart arrhythmias. I’m a cardiac nurse, so I knew what I was feeling could lead to blood clots, stroke, etc…. The only thing new was my contraceptive, so I removed it. … I have not had any further heart fluttering since that time. I feel lucky that nothing long term happened to me, but it sure scared me away from NuvaRing!
  • Katie – I’m on it….what in the world? This is terrible.
  • Krystle – I am one of these women [who was on NuvaRing]. … I finally got checked out after a week of not breathing right and so glad that I did…. I was put in the ICU with a Heparin drip, the Lovenox shots to the stomach, and after being released was on Coumadin for nine months…. I urge anyone who is on this medication to watch your body carefully and if you see anything or feel anything out of the ordinary, please go get it checked out immediately.
  • Jessica K. – I lost my dear friend because of this, please don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones.

If you’ve been injured due to NuvaRing, contact The Driscoll Firm, LLC, to discuss your situation and determine whether you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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