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Thousands of Actos bladder cancer lawsuits are pending in federal and state courts throughout the United States. However, Actos sales – and injuries – are global. In fact, over 1.7 million Actos prescriptions were filled in Australia alone over the past four years. Now, Australia residents are suing Takeda over Actos bladder cancer injuries. Down Under Takes Front & Center According to a recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald, Takeda’s diabetes drug Actos has been prescribed more than 1.7… Read More

Closing arguments have been made in the first Actos bladder cancer lawsuit to go to trial. The plaintiff’s counsel told jurors that Takeda’s internal company e-mails confirm that the Japanese drug maker hid Actos bladder cancer risks from the public in order to increase its profits. The 79-year-old plaintiff, now dying of bladder cancer after taking Actos, is seeking $5.3 million in compensation. Takeda’s Internal E-mails Likely To Be Damaging Takeda continues to deny that its Type 2 diabetes drug,… Read More

The first Actos bladder cancer trial is under way in California, and it’s not looking good for Takeda, Asia’s largest drug manufacturer. A key witness recently testified that internal company documents show how Takeda blatantly put sales over consumer safety. “The Product Came First” According to Bloomberg News, Howard Greenberg, a clinical pharmacologist, told jurors in a Los Angeles, California, courtroom that, “There are multiple e-mails from different levels of Takeda management that indicate the product came first.” He was… Read More

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